Welcome to 2020 – A Message from Our New President

Welcome to the 2020-2021 CFAWL Year!  I am so humbled and proud to serve as President alongside a Powerhouse Board of Directors and Leadership Team, as CFAWL celebrates her 40th birthday. Oh, the stories she could tell, the stories we will tell!

My theme this year is to Own Your Story.  In our stories, we are each our own protagonist, powerful women (and men), taking on different roles and drawing inspiration from powerful predecessors. Maybe we need to be the athlete, like Jackie Joyner-Kersee, putting in the hard work to see a goal realized. Maybe we need to be the comedian, like Joan Rivers, remembering we all need a laugh now and again. Maybe we are fierce advocates, like CFAWL’s Past Presidents, accomplished women who continue to represent the best in our profession. Whatever we do, whichever paths we take, no two stories are the same.  But we can learn from each other, find common ground, and support each other in the challenges that certainly lie ahead.

CFAWL is committed to helping its members navigate and overcome their challenges this year.  We’ll be reaching new members through our dedicated funding for diversity initiatives, law school liaisons, and targeted programming for young lawyers and grand dames alike.  I have also formed a Council of Moms within the Board of Directors to ensure the challenges parents face in these unprecedented times do not go unmet.

Through programming, virtually for now, we will connect all our members and encourage growth.  We will be bringing you compelling speakers at our luncheons.  Our Remote Rendezvous will continue to provide something for everyone with happy hours, cooking classes, and activities for/with the kids, just to name a few. We’re also exploring creative ways to commemorate women’s suffrage and to bring you some of CFAWL beloved traditional programs, like the Judicial Reception and our Spring Fundraiser.  Finally, we will be using our social media to showcase our members and explore our history.

That’s just a preview of all we have planned to lift up and promote the stories of our members and our community.  In CFAWL, we all have a story to tell, and a woman with a voice is a strong woman. Join us and Own Your Story. Stay safe out there.

Mary Walter

CFAWL President